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      We do the things listed below, as well as certain related things. We are a small group headed by Dr. Carl G. Looney in Henderson, NV, a suburb of Las Vegas, NV. We may have the capability to do what you need done with our outside help. We specialize at smaller jobs at which larger organizations would be less economical and efficient. First, here are some of the efforts we have done and can do.
  • documenting/writing instructions/directions for processes/systems
  • describing actions of systems, devics, machines and how they work
  • analyzing time, manpower and money for a particular project
  • consulting about some technical process or operation
  • mapping out processes and their interfaces and data connections
  • developing algorithms for processes or computations
  • researching information on some project, job or process
  • describing algorthmic processes that map inputs to needed outputs
  • writing white papers or instruction manuals
  • developing training instructions
  • processes/algorithms for pattern recognition and/or decision making
    • use of intelligent systems to learn behavior from previous data and predict new outcomes
    • learn to recognize patterns in data and apply to new situations
  • topic investigation and exploration of methods/processes
  • developing mathematical formulas to get numerical answers
  • other development and/or description of processes of action
      Send us an inquiry at the email address given below (at the bottom). All emails are processed in the order in which we receive them. Specify your needs, along with whatever preliminary information you may have. We will most likely ask some question to ascertain whether or not we are currently in a position to do the job - if we feel it has parts beyond our capability, we will tell you that as soon as possible.
      But first we need to know what you want to do, what the problems are (if known), and perhaps some particulars on where you see your group using outside help. If you don't know this in advance, we can exchange information to close in on our understandings. Our first activity is to get enough informaion to determine if we can help or if we can't.
      On the other hand, you may have a plan of action and topics selected about which you need a second opinion or other advisement before you commit time and money. Or, if you have an algorithm or process for which you would like an outside opinion, we may be able to help in an advisory role.

Please send us email about your particular needs.
If we determine that we need more information, we will request it at that time.
Thank you for your interest.

Contact us via email at: