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About Us

      We are research and documentation oriented specialists who can develop and refine the What, Why and How of processes, technology, functions and documentation to Compose illuminated documents that are clear, understandable and explanatory. Technical subjects are our specialty, but we also can do other types of documents as well. We understand computer algorithms, mathematics and statistics, and basic science and engineering.

      Our chief investigator is Carl Grant Looney, Ph.D., who is a former Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, a former Professor of Mathematics/Statistics and also a former Systems Engineer in the Defense Industry.

      We are a connected group of technical people with experience doing Department of Defense jobs, academic research, and the writing and development of books, instructions, white papers, pamphlets, manuals, proposals or sections thereof. Our areas of interest include:
  • analyzing interfacing and flow in large systems
  • researching special information in libraries and on the Web
  • developing training instructions
  • developing operational manuals
  • composing final reports and requests for proposals
  • developing proposals
  • documenting results of work on projects
  • researching/writing on topics of special interest
  • developing mathemataical formulas to get numerical answers
  • making flow diagrams of processes with interactions and feedback
  • documenting instructions/directions for how something works
  • developing computational algorithms
  • mapping out interacting processes and their interfaces
  • systems engineering components and interfacing
  • searching for information on the Web and in libraries
      Contact us via email at the email address given below. We have located in Henderson, NV, which is in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. This gives us a slight economical advantage. Because of the Internet, the world is connected sufficiently that we can access special research journals across the U.S., as well as research papers published in journals around the world.
      We are experienced at searching for information via the Internet browsers such as those of Yahoo, Google and Mozilla Firefox. These connect to researchers and university libraries around the world, especially in the English speaking world of the U.S., Canada, the U.K., much of Europe, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Pakistan and India.
      Send us email and give us some preliminary information and any instructions you have on what you want to do, what your problems are, and what/where you may need our services. If you don't know this in advance, that is okay, but any informaion helps us to determine if we can help.
      On the other hand, you may have a plan of action and topics selected to develop instructions or a manual, or something else about which you need a second opinion before you commit time and money. Or you could have an algorithm or process for which you would like an outside opinion.

Please contact us via email to let us know briefly about your needs. If we determine that we can help, or need more information, we will request it at that time.

Contact us via email at:

      Professor Looney authored the book, Pattern Recognition Using Neural Networks, Oxford University Press, London/New York, 1997. Neural neworks are computer programs whose algorithms learn from data to classify new entities from their characteristic data, as well as to predict new outcomes based on past data. They do this by recognizing patterns in previous data.

      Prof. Looney currently has a book manusript ready for review for publication that is entitled: HUMANS: What Are We? How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Headed? It is based on many new results from paleoanthropology, archaeology, fossils, DNA analysis and ancient history.

      Dr. Looney has published several dozens of research papers in technical journals and in the proceedings of technical conferences. He and his associates have keen interest in new and challenging problems, as well as the routine and standard bread and butter types of problems that need investigating due to and new inputs and changing situations. Dr. Looney has also written several proposals for technical projects funded by the Defense Depatment, as well as several final reports. He has also developed white papers (studies) for various agencies.

Tell us your problem! If we can help, we will say so, or we will respectfully decline.

Contact us at: