Carl G. Looney, Ph.D.


Chapter 1. The Rise of Hillary
The Origins of Hillary
Hillary at Wellesley College
Hillary at Yale: Following Radical Saul Alinsky
Hillary's Fictions and Facts
Hillary, the Rose Law Firm and Dick Morris
Bill, Whitewater, Sexcapades and Bill's True Love(?)
Will Clinton Scandals Never End?
The Prince and Princes of Darkness

Chapter 2. Hillary Gains Power
Hillary the Senator
Hillary as Secretary of State
Hillary: Will It Never End?
Bill Clinton Remains True to Form
Hillary Clinton Remains True to Form
The Real Hillary and Bill Clinton
Okay, so What Else Should We Know about Hillary?
A Timeline: Hillary for President of the United States?

Chapter 3. But What about Bill's Sexcapades?
Bill's First Girlfriend
What about Hillary?
Some Bill Clinton History: the Rape of Juanita Broaddrick
The Clinton History Re-Writing Machine
Bill Clinton and His Day-to-Day Interests
Is Bill a Sick Sex Addict?
Hillary's Alleged Sordid Tales of Cocaine and Lesbianism
Could Huma Abedin Have Been the Effective President?
August 2016 News Flash - Hillary Not Well
Hillary and Huma Hanky-Panky Caught by Security Camera
Hillary's Initiation into Lesbianism at Wellesley College

Chapter 4. Confirmation of Claims of Hillary Corruption
Useful Idiots
Obama's Homosexual Edict
The New Alinskian Disorder that Weakens America
Where Do We Stand at the Post 2016 Elections
FBI Director Comey and Security Clearances
On Security Clearances

Chapter 5. State Department's Functions
Hillary's Pay-for-Play Schemes in the State Department
Extracting Important Information from Those Hiding It
Hillary's Attempt to Switch Electoral Votes from Trump to Her
The Real Story of teh "Russian" Hacking of the DNC
So Who Did Actually Hack the DNC?

Chapter 6. Wheeling Dealing and Pay-for-Play at the State Department
Gilbert Chagoury
Hillary Gave the Russians Uranium from America
The Saudis
The Chinese
Sidney Blumenthal
Claudio Osorio

Clinton's Real Estate Concerns in Nigeris
Hillary's Real Estate Enterprise in Africa as Secretary of Statae

Chapter 7. Some Critical American Political Background
A Study of the Claims of Hillary Clinton
Progressives Can't Take Credit for Black's Freedoms and Rights

Chapter 8. Is Hillary Clinton a Closet Lesbian?
The Question No One Asked
Secret Service Agents Know too Much
Hillary's Close Muslim Friend Huma Abedin

Chapter 9. Will the Real Hillary Clinton Please Stand up>
Dick Morris Knows the Clinton's Better than Anyone
What Bothers Dick Morris Most about Hillary?
So What Kind of Person is Hillary?
Notes from Julian Assange: Defender of Humanity

Chapter 10. The Clinton Body Count Increased by 5 in 6 Weeks - Who's Next?
What Is Meant by Body Count?
The Assassination of a Popular DNC Worker
More Information on the Death of Seth Rich
The Mysterious Death of Shawn Lucas

Chapter 11. Intellectuals, Independents and Progressives Don't Want Hillary
What She Says or What She Does?
Her Damn Emails
An Honest Appraisal of Scandals, Fraud and Worse
An Aura of Secrecy and Avoidance
Hillary's New Post-Election Ruse

Chapter 12. The DNC? Some Districts Have More Registered Voters than People
Widespread Democratic Voter Fraud
Massive Non-citizen Voting Fraud
Reply of a Reader to Voter Fraud News
Why We Need an Investigation into Electoral Fraud Favoring Hillary Clinton?
Can Votes Be Changed and Elections Be Rigged?
Exit Polls: Why They Have Been Significantly off?
How to Rig an Election?
How Voter Suppression Proves Electoral Fraud
Summing up

Chapter 13. Clintons, Banks, Contras and Cocaine
Unscrupulous People and the Rise of the Clintons
Oliver North in the Secret War

Chapter 14. Why Bernie Sanders' Supporters Donít Like Hillary
The Deeper Reasons
What She Says Is Not What She Does

Chapter 15. Dead Men Tell No Tales: Many Deaths Connect to the Clintons
Many Many Deaths
Seth Conrad Rich, Died July 2016
Shawn Lucas, Died August 2016
Victor Thorn, Died August 2016
Too Many Other Deaths to Be Coincidences

Chapter 16. Observations and Considerations
Too Many Deaths with Drugs Connected?
A Bad Egg CIA Operative
Breaking News from the Boston Globe
Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Campaign
More Clintonesque Shenanigans
Favorability at Two Months before the Election
Surprise: the "Electors" Are Not Determined by the Constitution
Special: Late Breaking News about Hillary
An Hypothesis too Far Out to Be True?
A Review of the Early Radicalism of Hillary: the Black Panthers
Hillary on Hillary's Defeat
Hillary's Latest Plan to Take the Presidency Anyway
Hillary's Call for a Border Wall Preceded that of Trump
Some Simple Advice

Chapter 17. The Finale
Liberals and Conservatives Epilogue 1 - What Is the Obama Legacy according to Liberals?
Epilogue 2 - Can We Break up the Clinton-Druggie-CIA Combine?

Addendum: An Important Analysis from the Honorable Paul Craig Roberts Notes References