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by Carl Grant Looney, Ph.D.

      Read about Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton and how she went from being a Republican in a small business family in suburban Chicago to prestigious Wellesley College for four years with a lesbian roomate. Next was Yale Law School (as a Democrat after meeting Bill Clinton there). As a radical at Yale she supported and aided the Black Panthers during their trial for tying up and torturing a black member by beating, burning, scalding, freezing, stabbing with an ice pick and finally shooting him (two members she supported spent only 3 and 5 years in prison for that ghastly murder).
      From there her tribulations included being
fired for ethics violations (preventing due process) while working on the Watergate investigation of Richard Nixon. In Arkansas, she and Bill were involved in the Whitewater scam that fleeced the life savings of many retirees. After Bill Clinton became President of the U.S., she failed the bar examination in D.C. She then wanted to be a NY Senator but John F. Kennedy, Jr. was set to announce for it and was a sure bet to win. Kennedy was then killed in a suspicious small airplane accident and she was elected New York Senator (see last paragraph below).
      After serving as a lackluster NY Senator, she became Secretary of State after her presidential loss to Barrack Obama in 2008. As Obama's U.S. Secretary of State, she ran a pay-for-play scheme by providing costly U.S. governmental favors to foreign governments (e.g., jet fighters to Saudi Arabia and substantial Uranium to Russia) and to individuals whom made significant contributions to the Clinton Foundation owned by Hillary, Bill and daughter Chelsea. That money is now said to be in the billions of dollars in a Canadian bank (tax free and protected by Canadian law from divulging information about it - wait, it has now been moved to a secret location).
      Russian payments to the Clinton Foundation were for a 25% stake of American owned Uranium (could be used to nuke major U.S. cities). Another large contribution was from Lebanese entrepeneur Gilbert Chagoury in Nigeria for a project where a dredged up sand island was paid for by the U.S. for a U.S. Embassy, planned under Secretary of State Clinton to be off the Atlantic Coast of Lagos, Nigeria. Atlantic storms will eventually wash it away, at a huge loss to American taxpayers. Gilbert Chagoury, paid a lot of money to the Clinton Foundation for this Quid pro Quo. But only 5.7% of Clinton Foundation money goes to charity (where is the rest of it?). The Clinton Foundation is now accused of supplying cheap ineffective medicines in Africa and daughter Chelsea is said to spend foundation money compulsively.
      Hillary now disdains Trump's call for a wall along the U.S. southern border, but President Clinton built a 325 mile fence along the California-Mexican border in 1993 with Hillary’s “strong" support. In 2006, she voted for H.R. 6061, the Secure Fence Act, to create 700 miles of double-layered fence to prevent crossings by illegal people.
      There is critical information included here, such as the growing list of deaths of more than 90 of people with critical information about the Clintons. Hillary swore like a drunken sailor ("f**k you" to White House workers who said, e.g., "good morning" to her). As a presidential candidate with strongly biased support by the media, she expected to win easily but was outsmarted. She lost the electoral college vote despite millions of dead people and millions of illegals voting for her. This book reveals her characteristics and failings (even people who voted for her do not trust her).
      Hillary and Bill Clinton wanted Hillary to get the upcoming Senate seat for NY in 2000 as a prelude to her presidency. The NY Times was set to announce Kennedy's candidacy, but then Kennedy and his pregnant wife died in the mysterious crash of his small airplane during landing on an island off the MA coast. Government personnel kept the site off limits with details hushed up, but their released reports of poor visibility as the cause was a total lie as it was sunny and clear that day. This was typical of the deaths of dozens of persons who had information about the Clintons. This work is a must read for every American citizen. Click the red link above this column for a preview.

When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you – you know your nation is doomed.     -- Ayn Rand

Start where you are.   Use what you have.   Do what you can.     -- Arthur Ashe

Scenes from Lake Tahoe, CA The Latest Fascinating Book on Humans

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HUMANS: What Are We? How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Headed?
by Carl Looney, Ph.D.

      There are Book 1 and Book 2 in this series. The tilt of the Earth's axis of rotation changes cyclically, as does Earth's orbit about the Sun, and its distances to the Sun and Moon. Also, the land and ocean layout, the ocean currents and various wind patterns change and contribute to the shifting climate and its continuing interacting cycles. The Sun's radiation varies, as does the cosmic radiation, so they aid life's evolution from viruses to humans (and beyond?).
      Animals migrated to survive as the ice ages and warm periods continually arrived and departed, with the ice ages being much more than twice as long as the short warm periods. Ongoing changes in the genes led to new life forms of new subspecies and species over time. Such changes continue today.
      Humans migrated and adapted to survive as the climate cycled through many warm and ice ages. Family groups became tribes, cities of families, and peoples of regions who adapted and specialized over changing conditions. In hard times, more aggressive humans and some altruistic humans survived. They learned to gather plants and seeds and to domesticate mammals for meat and milk to survive. The human brain became more organized over millenia of walking upright with free hands for grasping items, carrying babies, making tools and weapons. Speech, language and skills advanced, which led to art, numbers and writing.
      This work covers a remarkable journey from before single celled life through early modern humans who first appeared in Eastern and Southern Africa circa 170,000 years ago. In the hard times after the Mt. Toba cataclysm of 74.000 years ago, many migrated to Southern Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Australia and many Oceania islands to seek food, water and living space. These early modern humans from Africa eventually covered the Earth and adapted to their locales and climates, invented tools and words, learned to eat new foods, and went through good and disastrous times.
      When the Earth's tilt was near maximum about 10,000 years ago, the prehistoric ancients built towns and cities underground in Turkey and India in loose volcanic material. The Earth was hotter than now in the Summer but colder in the Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere). They wondered at nature, at what caused the seasons, good and bad events, the birth of babies and death. They saw animals and humans as being animated with a living force, and wondered if stones, trees, rivers and other things had "spirits." They explained death as the living spirit leaving the body to return to a spirit world where "life" continued without the lifeless body that remained on Earth. Superstitions and religions thus evolved.
      Some major questions for our future are: (1) can humans reduce their birthrate to keep the planet liveable or must wars of survival do it for us? (2) can humans reduce the production of toxic chemicals that poison living plants and creatures? (3) can humans teach their offspring to value life and respect other humans? (4) can economic progress be further directed so the greedy and powerful do not get too much of the fruits of the work of other humans and control too much power? (5) can humans learn how to be healthy, vigorous, productive, respectful and caring? Perhaps, but...(that is too far beyond the horizon to see!)?

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